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BAUCCIO 2013 - Madonna delle Grazie

This is a red wine from Basilicata. It’s made from Aglianico grape from the vulcanic area of Vulture. It’s truly a magnificent wine. We visited this winery in December 2019. Bauccio is produced only in the best vintages, it is a wine that comes from a 50-year-old vineyard in the Liscone district, long macerations and long refinements to obtain an aristocratic wine of great personality, excellent ability to evolve and aging. The color is a dark ruby with the rim not true to the core showing a clear bottle aging. The viscosity is medium high 14% abv. The nose is just superb with intertwined notes of dark fruits , tobacco, spices and cedar. The palate confirms the nose with a full body, restrained avidity smooth tannins and a very very long finish. In summary and outstanding wine which shows the ability of the Aglianico grape from Basilicata to produce aristocratic wines with a superb nose and palate. It’s a perfect pairing with any meat dish or aged cheeses. PM 93.


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