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Belisario Verdicchio di Matelica 2015 Meridia

After a visit to the Belisario winery during our Marche trip in 2018, we bought this Verdicchio di Matelica ( an hallmark of the area ) but this wine now as we tasted clearly moved beyond its prime. Its color had transformed into a deep golden hue, verging on orange—a hallmark of aged white wines. With a viscosity leaning towards medium-high at 13% ABV, its once vibrant bouquet had mellowed, leaving behind subtle echoes of candied fruits, notably lemon zest. The passage of time had eroded much of its original character and aromas. On the palate, a prominent acidity shone through, accompanied by a medium-high body. While still enjoyable, the wine's true potential seemed to have peaked a few years earlier. The wine gracefully accompanied a fish pasta dish, earning it a 82 points in my evaluation.


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