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Bicento 2018 NATIV

The Bicento 2018 is a captivating wine produced by NATIV, a renowned winery known for their commitment to quality and showcasing the potential of native Campanian grape varieties. This specific vintage impresses with its harmonious blend of grape varieties, intriguing aromas, and a well-balanced palate.


In the glass, the Bicento 2018 exhibits an intense, deep ruby color, hinting at its rich concentration and youthful vitality. Its inky depths convey a sense of opulence and allure. It has a high viscosity 14.5% abv.


On the nose, this wine unleashes an array of inviting aromas that beautifully combine to create an aromatic tapestry. There are luscious dark fruits such as black cherry and plum, accompanied by notes of blackberry and blueberry, which lend depth and complexity. These fruit aromas are intertwined with delicate hints of dried herbs and a touch of floral essence, adding layers of intrigue and elegance.


The Bicento 2018 displays an impeccably balanced palate, showcasing the winemaker's craftsmanship. The entry is smooth and velvety, unveiling a medium to full body with well-integrated tannins. The fruit flavors from the nose translate seamlessly onto the palate, with ripe black cherry, blackberry, and plum taking center stage. The wine's natural acidity provides a refreshing lift, maintaining a lively freshness throughout. This harmonious combination of flavors is enhanced by subtle earthy undertones, adding depth and complexity to the overall experience.


The finish of Bicento 2018 is long and satisfying, leaving a lasting impression on the palate. Notes of dark chocolate intertwined with a hint of oak and a touch of spice linger, evolving elegantly until the wine gracefully fades away.

Overall, the Bicento 2018 by NATIV is an exceptional wine that exemplifies the Campanian terroir and the winery's commitment to excellence. Its beautiful aromas, perfectly balanced palate, and lingering finish make it a standout choice for wine enthusiasts seeking a memorable and expressive Italian red wine experience. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with flavorsome dishes, the Bicento 2018 is sure to impress even the most discerning palate.We paired it with Lasagna dish. PM 90


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