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Caiati 2016 - Fattoria Alois - Terre del Volturno

Fattoria Alois

The wine is white and it is made from the grape Pallagrello Bianco which is from the Caserta province in the Campania region in Italy. The producer is Alois which we visited in August 2018. The wine was one of the favorites by Ferdinando IV from The Bourbon family that ruled the southern Italy for over 200 years. The wine is from 2016 vintage and has a dark yellow straw color with deep golden highlights. It’s clear and filtered. It has a medium viscosity (13% abv). The nose is really inviting with notes of white flowers , green apples and grapefruits The palate confirms the nose with a middle body , warm and round and a medium high acidity. The persistence is medium high. The wine is a 2016 and has reached its peak, so we suggest to drink it within two years from vintage. In summary a good white wine, with a great nose a good palate, a perfect pairing with any pasta dish in claim sauce or at pescatore ( fisherman ) and as aperitif. PM 88


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