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Campania IX - Aglianico TABURNO DOCG

Updated: Feb 19, 2018

Ok we are back, with more info on Campania wines. We will complete the Aglianico wines with another very important DOCG, which makes an excellent Aglianico at a more affordable price.

Aglianico del Taburno was elevated to DOCG status just recently in 2011.

Like many of the southern Italian wine regions, Taburno is a mountainous area. Its production zone is located in the province of Benevento and expands across the 13 communes of Apollosa, Bonea, Castelpoto, Campoli del Monte Taburno, Foglianise, Montesarchio, Paupisi, Torrucuso, Ponte, part of Benevento, Cautano, Vitulano and Tocco Claudio. Despite the harsh winters, Aglianico vines flourish on the volcanic soils and at altitudes of 984–1312ft (300–400m). This late-ripening grape also benefits from a long growing season, hot days and moderately cool nights, thanks to mountain breezes tempering the heat.

The largest number of vineyards are located in the northeast part of the appellation around the town of Torrecuso.

The wines of this appellations are 85-100% Aglianico of a local biotype call " Aglianico Amaro", which is higher in acidity than the others.

Through the centuries Aglianico has shown great adaptability to the terroir creating many biotypes, that before the DNA testing were considered different types of grapes, however the DNA has proved to be the same grape but different biotype.

The wines show floral notes ( violet), cherry plums and secondary aromas of tobacco, black pepper, clove and licorice. The wines benefit from bottle age which serve to soften its firm structure.

So it is critical that if you buy a Aglianico DOCG you check the label, to make sure what you are buying, a TAURASI DOCG or a TABURNO DOCS. They have different nuances and different costs.



Reserver The grapes are 100% selected Aglianico harvest, they are placed in cassettes

Vinification In red, temperature controlled with fermentation of about 20 days.

The aging 2 years of which at 6/9 months the wine is placed in French oak barriques.

Tasting notes The wine is a deep ruby color. On the nose shows a very velvety aroma of black fruits like black cherry and blackberry , secondary of dry prunes and tobacco. The palate confirms the nose with ample structure, an angularity and tannins which make a wine not to be drank young.

Food Pairings Red meats, game and mature cheeses.

Serving Temperature 18 - 20°C

Cost: $25-$28 depending on the vintage.

Cantine del Taburno

The Bue Apis is produced exclusively from grapes Aglianico from a century-old vineyard located in the district “Pantanella” at about 1000 meters from the Taburno cellar. This testifies to the ancient vineyard presence of Aglianico the slopes of Mount Taburno. The vinification of grapes from it obtained, the so-called original clone Aglianico bitter "Amaro", is one of the paths that the Cantina del Taburno has undertaken to highlight the extraordinary potential of this ancient grape variety.

Production area:

Area within the Taburno DOC appellation

Exposure and altitude:

Hilly-area, 350 metres above sea level, south-east exposure

Soil type:

Clayey and calcareous marl

Vine training system:

“Raggiera libera”

Harvest time

First ten days of November, manual harvest


The clusters are harvested when they are perfectly ripe, destemming, crushing, fermentation and maceration with the skins for 40 days

Organoleptic characteristics:

Purple red colour. Blackberry and black currant aroma. Full in the mouth and well balanced, blended tannins and a long finish of toasted coffee, tobacco and spices

Organoleptic characteristics

Intense ruby red colour. Complex aroma with black cherry, ripe plum and liquorice notes. Dense in the mouth, well-balanced tannins, persistent tobacco and black pepper notes.

Fattoria La Rivolta

Made only from Aglianico grapes, this wine has a concentrated and impenetrable ruby-garnet color. The aroma is complex and a little shy, opening with black cherry and prune to then shift towards violet, red rose and licorice. The flavor is taut and full-bodied with nice tannins that do not suffocate the freshness. The finish is not exactly long but overall the wine is quite drinkable.

The wine cost an average of $16-$18, there is also the reserve with higher alcohol and a longer aging at a cost of $26-$28.

There are more Aglianico in many areas of Campania as blend partner and in the IGT appellations. I won't be able to get in any further details for now on these wines. If you find a bottle with Aglianico on the label, just look at the appellations, not all the Aglianico are made equal.

There are great Aglianico and Piediross blends and Sciascinoso in LAcryma Christi wines. They are called Lacryma Christi or "tears of Christ" because from a legend. When Lucifer was banished from Heaven a piece of it fell into the Gulf of Naples, Christ wept from the loss of such great Angel and the beautiful piece of Heaven. HIS Tears fell in the area which makes the wines.

You can find excellent Lacryma Christi wines from Matroberardino ( which we have met few times already in our journey) and Terredora di Paola. In fact they both are descendants from Antonio Mastroberardino who introduced this ancient blend from Mt Vesuvio. These wines belong to the Vesuvio DOC.

Well this end this introduction of the great wines from Aglianicos, try some as great substitution of Cabaret Sauvignon, Merlots, Brunellos and Barolo wines.



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