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Fiorduva 2015, Marisa Cuomo

This is a wine from the Amalfi Coast and it’s iconic producer Marisa Cuomo. We visited this winery in August 2018. This wine would be their white Grand Cru. It’s a bled: Fenile 30%, Ginestra 30%, Ripoli 40%. These are indigenous grapes from the area. It’s eroic viticulture with vineyards located at over 1000 feet on the water of the Amalfi Coast. The wine shows a deep yellow with golden highlights. The deep color shows that the wine has reached and almost passed its peak. The viscosity is medium high with a 13.5% abv.

The nose is inviting with dried apricots and wild broom and exotic fruits. The palate confirms the nose with a full body wine, warm with a subtle acidity and lots of minerality and very long finish. Some little oxidation shows that may be the wine has passed its prime and its freshness. But overall a very good wine ( I believe that if drank a year earlier it would have shown more ), elegant and a perfect pairing with Christmas Eve dinner based on fish .. here in Naples ( Italy) where it was tasted. PM: 90


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