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Il Brigante - Cantine Crocco 2016

The wine is a red wine made from Merlot from the Basilicata region. The producer is Crocco that we visited in December 2018 ( see the blog on the visit ). Brigante means bandit and it refers to bandits that used to live in the area in the 1800. The color is deep garnet and the core is not true to the rim. The wine has aged quite well in the bottle. The viscosity is medium high (15.5% abv). The nose is very inviting with notes of black cherry, black current and secondary notes of cedar and tobacco. The palate confirms the nose with a perfectly balanced acidity and smooth tannins a full body and a medium persistence. The wine is a very good one to be paired with any meat sauce pasta, grilled meat or a game dish. PM:89.


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