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Iovine - Terre del Gragnano 2016

Iovine - Terre del Gragnano 2016

This is a Gragnano wine from Iovine, we visited this winery on January 2019. Gragnano is a town outside Naples known for his pasta and a particular lightly sparkling wine made mostly from the Piedirosso grape. The color of this wine is ruby red, the alcohol content is 12.5%. Interestingly enough the cork was damaged by heat exposure during the summer 2019; but when I opened the wine in March 2020 it was perfectly fine.

The nose is very floral with notes of violets and rose petals. There are also notes of fresh strawberries. The palate confirms the nose with a perfectly balanced acidity and very small and smooth tannins. The bubble is harmonious giving a smooth and pleasant frothiness. In summary a very good Gragnano and a perfect pairing with home made pizza ( like we did ) or with pizza made in a proper pizza oven or with any tomato sauce pasta ... of course Gragnano pasta would be Heaven choice. PM: 87


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