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Mustilli - Aglianico 2016

This is an Aglianico from the Sannio region in Campania. The producer is Mustilli that we visited in September 2018 in Santa Agata dei Goti. The wine has a pale ruby color , translucent with a low viscosity (12.5% abv). The nose is fair with tenue notes of cherries and raspberries. Secondary notes of Bananas ( almost like a Beaujolais). The palate confirms the nose with a medium low body, a medium acidity and almost a no persistence. The 2016 vintage was laden with a very rainy harvest seasons you can feel it in the wine that lacks of body and harmony. Although it shows some attempts to good notes it quickly disappears. It can be paired with white meat dishes or any pasta, given its light body this vintage could be paired with some fish dish as well. PM:85


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