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Per Eva 2019; Tenuta San Francesco

This is a white wine from the Amalfi Coast appellation and exactly from Tramonti a sub section of the appellation. It’s from Tenute San Francesco a producer that we visited numerous times and last in May 2022 when this wine was purchased. It’s a blend of Falanghina, Ginestra and Pepella ( the last two indigenous grapes of the region ) The wine has a yellow straw color with light golden highlights .. it’s clear and brilliant. It has a medium high viscosity with a 13.5% abv. The nose is intriguing with notes of apples, peaches , wild white flowers, pineapple and Mediterranean spices. The palate confirms the nose with a refreshing wine with a medium body and a medium acidity and a long finish. It summery an excellent wine that we paired with a typical Christmas Eve dinner based on fish .. local foods for a local wine .. here in Naples ( Italy ). PM 92.


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