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RUVERSA - Cantine Marilina 2015

This is a red wine from Sicily. It’s made from the Nero D’Avola grape, it’s produced by Cantina Marilina. We visited this winery in March 2019 in Noto. The wine is a medium ruby color with the core not true to the rim. The wine has aged at the time of tasting for 5 years. It is 12.5% abv. This is a low alcohol level for this type of wine. Nevertheless the nose is inviting with notes of black fruits and tertiary notes of spices ( black pepper ) and tobacco. The palate doesn’t fully confirm the nose, a little disappointing after the inviting nose. Medium body, a harsh tannins and a medium acidity but with a low persistence. The wine disappears quickly ... it’s a good pairing with any meat dish, we tasted it with a filet mignon with green pepper sauce and grilled eggplants. PM: 86


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