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Sabaudo Roero Arneis 2020

Sabaudo Roero Arneis 2020, hailing from the Piedmont region, crafted by the esteemed Sabaudo producer, presents itself as a striking white wine. It graces the glass with a yellow straw hue, revealing its translucency and boasting a moderate viscosity, clocking in at 13% ABV.

On the nose, one encounters a delightful medley of ripe pear, green apple, and citrus notes, complemented by subtle floral undertones. These aromatic promises are faithfully delivered on the palate, where a vivacious and invigorating acidity enlivens the senses, bestowing a crisp and dynamic character. With a medium to full body, it concludes gracefully, offering a smooth and immaculate finish.

Sabaudo Roero Arneis 2020 proves to be an ideal companion for culinary delights, particularly grilled fish, as experienced during our tasting, or a dish featuring pasta with a delectable fish sauce. This delightful wine merits a rating of 86 points.


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