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Sangue del Diavolo 2020 Ca’ di Rajo

Sangue del Diavolo 2020 by Ca di Rajo is a compelling representation of Raboso Piave, a distinctive grape variety native to the Piave River area in the Veneto region of Italy. Crafted with precision and passion, this wine embodies the essence of its terroir, offering a sensory experience that captivates the senses and transports the drinker to the sun-drenched vineyards of northeastern Italy.


In the glass, Sangue del Diavolo 2020 displays an intense, garnet-red color that glimmers with hints of violet at the edges, reflecting its youthful vibrancy and depth of concentration. Its clarity is impeccable, allowing light to playfully dance through the wine and highlighting its purity. Swirling the glass reveals long, graceful legs, indicating a wine of substance and structure.


The nose is an aromatic tapestry of ripe fruit, floral notes, and savory nuances that intertwine with finesse. Rich aromas of dark cherries, blackberries, and plums take center stage, accompanied by hints of violets, lavender, and dried herbs. Layers of complexity unfold with each swirl, revealing subtle undertones of leather, tobacco, and exotic spices, imparted by careful oak aging. This symphony of aromatics is underscored by a touch of earthiness, evoking the distinctiveness of the Piave River terroir.


On the palate, Sangue del Diavolo 2020 enchants with its bold flavors, velvety texture, and impeccable balance. The initial impression is one of opulence, as ripe fruit flavors of blackberry jam, cherry compote, and plum pudding caress the palate with luxurious intensity. These luscious fruit notes are complemented by a firm backbone of tannins, which provide structure and depth to the wine's profile. As the wine evolves on the palate, secondary flavors of dark chocolate, espresso, and baking spices emerge, adding layers of complexity and intrigue. Despite its boldness, the wine retains a sense of elegance and restraint, with vibrant acidity imparting freshness and vitality to the finish.


The finish is long and lingering, leaving a lasting impression of dark fruit, spice, and a subtle hint of minerality. Tannins are well-integrated, contributing to a sense of harmony and balance that ensures a satisfying conclusion to the tasting experience. With its depth, complexity, and age-worthy potential, Sangue del Diavolo 2020 by Ca di Rajo stands as a testament to the winery's commitment to excellence and their ability to showcase the unique character of Raboso Piave.

Overall Impression:

In summary, Sangue del Diavolo 2020 is a wine of remarkable character and distinction. Its bold flavors, velvety texture, and refined structure make it a standout example of the potential of Raboso Piave on the international stage. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with hearty meat dishes, aged cheeses, or rustic Italian cuisine, this wine is sure to leave a lasting impression and reaffirm Ca di Rajo's reputation as a producer of world-class wines. PM 90.


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