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Tenuta Cavalier Pepe San Serino 2015

This is a red wine from Cavalier Pepe winery. We visited this winery numerous times and have tasted most of its offering. This wine is made from the Aglianico grape. The color is ruby with a medium low viscosity (13%abv) it’s clear and filtered. The rim is not true to its core. The nose is very fruity despite the 5 years aging with notes of strawberry and cherry. The palate presents a bone dry wine ; smooth, with a medium low body medium low tannins and a balanced acidity; the persistence is medium low. In summary an every day wine light therefore a good match with pasta dish, white meat dishes, roasts. The wine has we tasted in March 2020 already reached its peak.. so we can recommend to drink it between 2-4 years from vintage. PM: 84


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