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Pago dei Fusi Terredora di Paolo 2009.

This is a red wine from the Campania region and from the Taurasi production area in Irpinia. The wine is made from the Aglianico grape. The color is dark ruby ( despite the 13 years aging in the bottle , the color held steadily ) the rim isn’t true to the core .. the major hint to the age of the wine. The viscosity is medium (13.5% abv ). The nose is truly captivating ( although it took few minutes and initially it was almost neutral when the bottle was opened ) with black fruits still holding strong but the tertiary aroma and the full bouquet was showing with cedar, tobacco, wet leaves and leather. The palate is enjoyable with smooth tannins and perfectly balanced acidity and a long persistence. In summary a very good wine that showed its quality despite the age and a perfect pairing with anything meaty and greasy. We paired with grilled meat and potatoes. PM: 90


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