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Trebulanum 2012: Alois

This is a red wine made from the Casavecchia grape indigenous of the Caserta wine zone in the Campania region. The producer is Alois .. we visited it in August 2018 ( see blog ). The wine is a deep ruby almost inky the bottle aging shows with the core not being true to the rim. The vintage of this wine is 2012. The viscosity is medium (13% abv ). The nose is intriguing with notes of black berry and black cherry secondary notes of anice and spice. The palate confirms the nose with a marked acidity and a very smooth tannins ( they can use more rime to smooth further though ). The body is medium low . The persistence is not there. In summary an ok every day wine, it might have lost some of its freshness with the excessive aging in the bottle even though the tannins could use more. Given the acidity and some of the tannins the pairing is with any meat dish, we tasted with beef stew. Pm:88


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