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MONTORSOLO 2015 - Grechetto di Todi

This is a white from the TODI Doc Region. It is a Grechetto which is a local indigenous grape. 

The wine is clear and filtered it is bright its color is light straw yellow with gold highlights as possible sign of high alchol. Surpringly you can notice a medium high viscosity which indicates a medium high alchol content (14%). The 2015 season was a bery hot and dry season. The harvest happened towards the end of September which brought the sugar content quite high. 

On the nose strong notes of citrus and green apple in the background some almond notes. The palate confirms the nose with a medium high acidity a medium finish with a high minerality ... The wine is harmonious in its components. A good wine excellent for soft cheeses of medium age and chicken or with fishes like Swardfish or Salmon even with any sauce given the high alchol content. 

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