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Pape Satan- Campi Flegrei DOC 2012

Cantine D'Averno

The wine is a Piedirosso Riserva, a.k.a Pier e Palumm ( in Neapolitan dialect).

It is deep Garnet. With a medium high viscosity and an abv of 13.5%. It is clear and filtered. The core is darker than its rim, showing bottle aging. On the nose notes of wild cherries , raspberries and secondary notes of tobacco and licorice. Also some notes of butterscotch showing some aging in wood. The aroma intensity is quite high. The palate confirms the nose with a medium full body, smooth acidity and a smooth tannins. All the components in perfect harmony and intense aromas. The finish is medium high confirming the quality of the wine. This is a great Piedirosso, I was astonished during the tasting. It is quite enjoyable paired with pasta dishes with meat sauce or white meat dishes. It is also perfect with seasoned cheeses. Truly a great surprise and a great wine. - 93

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