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Certamen - Cantine Bonifacio - Aglianico del Vulture 2015

This is a red wine made from the Aglianico grape from the Vulture region. It’s clear and shows a deep ruby color , it’s brilliant. It has a medium viscosity (14% abv). On the nose it presents notes of dark fruits ( black cherry and blackberry), prunes and hints of black pepper. The palate confirms the nose with a medium body, a medium persistence with smooth tannins and a supple feeling. A very good balance among all its components. This wine is from Venosa region ( Potenza Province in Basilicata ) at a lower altitude than other areas in the Vulture DOC. This allows a less elegant wine with a fuller body and a supple mouthfeel.its very fruit forward with no oak in its aging process ( just steel vats). A very simple an all around good wine with less complexity when compared with “ Las Sfida” from the same producer. Absolutely  a great value to be enjoyed with red meat dishes. PM: 90

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