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Poggio delle Baccanti - Gragnano della Penisola Sorrentina 2016

This is a red sparkling wine from the Gragnano sub zone of the Sorrento Coast DOC. It is a blend of Piedirosso ( also known as “ Pier e Palumm” in Neapolitan dialect), Sciascinoso and Castagnata. They are all indigenous grapes to the Campania region. The wine is ruby in color , it is clear and filtered , it has a low viscosity (11.5% abv). The nose presents a harmonious notes of red cherries and strawberries. The palate confirms the nose highlighting a slight sweetness that would make this wine a Demi sec , a medium low body and a medium acidity. The persistence is also low. This wine is a fun to drink wine with no expectation, it is refreshing and also a perfect pairing with pizza or with pasta in bolognese sauce as a fun alternative to more involved wines. PM: 89

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