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Montefalco Rosso - Romanelli 2014.

This is a wine from the Montefalco Doc in Umbria. It is a blend which represents the tipicity of the region as red wine. It is a blend of Sangiovese from Umbria and Sagrantino , Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from the Montefalco Province. The wine shows a medium ruby color with the rim not true to its core, to be expected given the 2014 vintage. The viscosity is medium high, with 14% abv. The nose bring most of Sangiovese marks as red cherries, strawberry with background of plums and earthiness. Some floral notes of red roses and vanilla for the oak barrel in which the wines age for at the least one year in addition to six months in the bottle. The palate confirms the nose, showing a well structured wine with a medium high acidity , medium tannins smoothed by some age and a medium body with an average persistence. Summary ; a good wine as these producer delivers consistently, with harmonious aromas and persistence, well structured, to be paired with anything meaty and red. PM:90

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