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Il Brigante - 2017 Cantine Crocco

This is a wine from Basilicata’s winery Cantine Crocco. I visited it in December 2018 during my tour of this southern Italian region. ( check my blog of the whole visit). Brigante is an old fashioned way to call a Bandit during the time when South of Italy was annexed to the new created Kingdom in 1861. There are many wines which use this name , even from Napa and few from Italy.

This wine was the first wine ever created at the winery. It is made from Merlot grape grown on a sandy soil. The color is a dark ruby with purple highlights. The viscosity is medium high (14.5% abv) it’s clear. The nose presents the typical Merlot aromas of dark fruits ( blackberry and black cherry) and plums. A very fruit forward wine that shows it’s youth. There are some tenuous notes of oak used for the aging process. The palate confirms the nose with a full body wine and smooth tannins. The persistent is medium low, mostly due to the very young age of the wine. It will need to age few years (2-3) after realease to show its real potentials. In summery a excellent value wine which shows it’s potential by aging for a few years in the cellar. PM:89

The grape is Merlot

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