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Leuconoe - 2017 Cantine Madonna delle Grazie

This is a white wine from Basilicata, from the winery Cantina Madonna delle Grazie. I visited this winery in December 2018 during my tour through the region. It is located in the town of Venosa and the name of the wine is dedicated to one of the characters in the Horace’ Odes. It is not an original name as others use it for their wines. It is from the known Carpe Diem Ode which means seize the day. In Roman literature, Leuconoe is a figure to whom Horace's Ode 11 of Book 1 of Odes is addressed. The wine is from Aglianico grape which is a red grape, in this case vinified as white wine. The Venosa region is in the heart of the Aglianico del Vulture DOC region. The color is a straw yellow. The viscosity is medium (13% abv). The nose is a very harmonious combination of citrus notes with delicious apple together with floral notes of white flowers. There are no signs of oak. The palate confirms the nose with a medium body and a very unctuous feeling as it is left on its lees during the wine making process all on a good structure of refeeshing acidity.

The persistence is medium high.Very pleasant on the palate. In summary a very good white wines with a good body, very refreshing, perfect with cheese and white meet dishes.: PM 90

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