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Malandrina - Masseria Cardillo

Malandrina is from the winery Masseria Cardillo in Bernalda Basilicata. I visited this winery in December during the visit to the Basilicata region. It was a very well equipped winery producing wines from the Matera region which “Disciplinari” are more permissive than the Vulture region. Malandrina is a blend of Primitivo ( a common grape in this part of the region), Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The color is a deep ruby with purple highlights, almost inky. The viscosity medium

High (14.5% abv), fined and filtered. The nose shows notes of black currant, prunes and blackberry , spice notes of black pepper.. very fruit forward given the age 2015. The palate confirms the nose with a full body, very warm wine with an high level of alcohol, velvety tannins and a subdued acidity and a medium persistence. In summary a very warm, full body wine, fruit forward a good pairing with steak or game dish. The wine could age for few more years to gain more complexity with secondary notes. PM:90

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