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E’ Iss - Tenuta San Francesco 2016

This is a red wine from the Tenuta San francesco : a producer from Tramonti a sub zone of the Amalfi Coast DOC in Campania. It lets name means “it’s it” in neapolitan dialect.

It’s made from a pre-phylloxera vine of over 100 years old of Tintore, an indigenous grape to Tramonti similar to the more ubiquitous Aglianico.

It’s a limited production of course given the age of the vine. The color is deep ruby with purple highlights. The viscosity is medium high (14% abv), it’s opaque. The nose presents notes of black berry and plum, some tobacco and chocolate hints, pepper spiced and meaty. Every sniff presents new nuances. The palate confirms the nose with a big body with perfectly balanced velvety tannins and acidity. A perfect structure and backbone for aging and show more nuances in the years to come. In summary a good full body wine made from old vine, which is shown in the high concentrated body and medium high acidity. A perfect pairing with a TBone steak or any grilled meat which smokiness is a perfect match to its spices. PM:90

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