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Masseria Frattasi: Bonea 2017

Bonea is a wine from Masseria Frattasi. This is a well known producer from the Sannio region( see my blog on the Sannio visit in September 2018). The wine is from the appellation  Falanghina del Sannio DOC. The wine has pale yellow straw color and a medium viscosity (13% abv).. it’s clear and filtered. The nose is a spring flower bouquet with jasmine, acacia and notes of ripe pears. No sign of oak. The palate confirms the nose with a very enjoyable body although no a sizeable one also backed by a refreshing acidity and medium persistence which make you ask for more. A very good representation of Falanghina with a slightly a larger body that its cousin in Campi Flegrei and a good floreal aroma. A perfect pairing for a Salad or raw shellfish or light pasta with seafood. PM:90 

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