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Colle Santa Maria 2017 - Tramonti Bianco - Giuseppe Apicella

This is a Tramonti Bianco produced by Giuseppe Apicella. The wine is a blend of Falanghina, Biancolella, Ginestra e Pepella. The grapes come  from a vineyard located on the summit of the hill which carries the same name. With a vulcanic soil type it creates the minerality found in the wine. The grapes are also late harvested, the extra hang time allows the fruit to overripe with additional sugar.. although the wine are fermented to full dryness l, the alcohol content is 14%. The color is deep straw yellow with golden highlights which reflects the high alcohol with an high viscosity. On the nose clear notes of orange jam , melon and white flowers and a touch of vanilla by the barrells used in the first phase of the aging process. The palate brings a full body wine with a pleasant ounctuosness, a perfectly balanced acidity and a medium persistence , the back taste of hazelnuts. In Summary another enjoyable wine from Giuseppe Apicella, a full body white con strong alcohol content which needs to be paired with some well prepared dish, eiithwr chicken cutlet or any fish “ acqua pazza”. PM:90

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