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Ruffino Riserva Ducale d’oro 2005

This is a Chianti Classico Riserva from the producer Ruffino. It’s a 2005 vintage. I am particularly attached to this bottle as it followed me from house to house and finally through the Atlantic to Italy from USA. It must have been from a fiend as gift over 14 years ago. The color is garnet the core in not true to the rim, showing a clear bottle aging. The viscosity is medium for a 13,5% abv. The nose is superb with fruits still well present with the strong notes  of dark cherry and also red currant but the tobacco and dark chocolate aromas together with notes of cedar wood. The palate is magnificent with a medium body a perfect lively acidity a smooth and velvety tannnins in perfect balance. A long persistence. In other words an excellent wine kept well into its aging, a perfect pairing with a grilled meat and cheeses Zz just the way we paired them. It was a memorable bottle that I will keep to remind me of my loved far away land where it came , crossing the ocean and almost coming back home where originally was produced , it promised  to deliver well and indeed it came through. PM;97

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