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Verdicchio di Matelica DOC 2016: Ergon

This is a wine from the Marche region and its iconic white Verdicchio from the Matelica area. There are two main Verdicchio’s areas in Marche the Verdicchio dei Colli di Jesi and the Matelica. See my visit to the region in our blog dedicated to the Italian wines. This is also a bio wine made without fertilizer and to highlight the terroir and the natural growing of the grapes. The wine is straw yellow with golden highlightes and a medium high viscosity ( 13% abv). The nose is an harmonious concert of aromas of white flowers, pineapple and lemon zest together with apple delicious. The palate confirms the nose with a perfect balance of acidity ( medium high , typical of this area) and a medium high body with a long persistence. It’s a perfect pair for any  raw shellfish or pasta with fish sauce .. I personally used over orecchiette with pepper and hazelnut sauce and with French fries ... e en as aperitif it would have been a good choice. In conclusion a very good white with vibrant acidity and a medium body ... a really enjoyable wine. PM: 92.

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