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Bicento 2014 - Nativ

I visited the Native winery in June 2018.

Irpinia Campi Taurasini is a sub region of the Irpinia DOC of central Campania. The classification applies to wines made from Aglianico grapes grown on the Campi Taurasi (the 'Taurasian Fields'). In contrast the wider Irpinia DOC covers rosso, bianco, rosato, spumante and varietal wines made from any one of seven grape varieties.

The 20-odd communes covered by this sottozona surround the commune of Taurasi. This is home of Campania's most famous modern day wine (perhaps with the exception of Greco di Tufo).

The difference between these two Aglianico wines is mainly one of style. Taurasi is meant to be structured, ageworthy and almost austere in its youth. It is sometimes called "The Barolo of The South". Irpinia Campi Taurasini wines are more likely to be elegant and capable of moderate aging, but also drinkable when young.

The wine is made with the Aglianico grape from that mentioned sub zone of Taurasi. The grapes grow on 200 years old pre - philloxera vines.

This drives the name of the wine, Bicento means 2 times 100, of course referencing to the old vines. This wine has received many awards and an average rating of 94.

The wine is a deep ruby color, it is clear and filtered. It shows bottle aging, being a bottle of the 2014 vintage, considered on of the best for this type of wine. It is 14.5% abv.

The nose is very penetrating, with a bouquet made by aromas of black cherry, blackcurrant, licorice and tobacco. The aromas are very intense and powerful.

The palate is smooth with its tannins and acidity , it confirms the nose and has a long finish with the black berry flavor together with tobacco.

In summary, this is an exceptional wine, with a great nose and a large body and smooth tannins and acidity. It is perfect with meat sauce pastas, game and steak. PM: 94

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