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Greco di Tufo - Grancare 2015 Cavalier Pepe

The wine is a a greco di Tufo from Cavalier Pepe winery. We have visited this great winery numerous times. It’s located in Irpinia, a primary wine production area in Campania ( Italy). The wine is a dark golden color given the age of the wine 2015 vintage and oxidized by the warm climate and the storage. It has a medium viscosity (13.5% abv). The nose shows notes of candied fruits, tropical fruits , pineapple and tertiary hazelnut aromas. The palate confirms the nose with a low acidity and medium body and a long persistence and a mineral finish with almond taste. A very good wine which in this case passed its prime time, but that regardless saved some of its great aromas. Perfect for every pasta dish with shellfish. PM:89 

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